Rhino-Turf, the most technically advanced range of sports surfaces, designed by British experts in association with the world's leading synthetic turf manufacturer. The Rhino brand has been synonymous with player preparation and performance for over 25 years, and Rhino-Turf draws on this heritage to offer the very best surface systems.

Rhino-Turf is an exciting, "state of the art", range of synthetic turf products designed in the UK, for the worldwide market. This means that we have consulted with users and owners and applied their feedback to our knowledge of the requirements of the games' governing bodies –FIFA, IRB, FIH and ITF – to develop Rhino-Turf. We have additionally taken on board sound advice from leading synthetic turf consultants and test houses.

So what do you want from your synthetic turf? Rhino-Turf offers the best yarns, made into high quality sports surfaces using the latest advanced technology. Rhino-Turf will offer incredible durability and performance over the life of the surface, and with no frills, provisos or restrictions, other than use it for what it is intended.

In our experience every player wants to play on the best surface, in perfect conditions, and whilst we cannot recreate the atmosphere at Wembley Stadium, Twickenham or Centre Court, Wimbledon Centre Court, Rhino-Turf will make you feel like you are playing on the best money can buy.