Superior, medically-based design technology that boosts athletic performance, decreases recovery time, increases fitness and changes lives.

With experience and knowledge comes innovation. In order to carry the name PerformTexTM, every product must meet the demanding standards set by our team of trained experts. From our acclaimed, patented, twin groove patterned PerformTexTM Tape to our highly reviewed, textured EVA foam rollers, the PerformTexTM product line sets the new benchmark in rehab and fitness.

Our Story
For almost a decade I dedicated my life to spreading the word on a little known modality called kinesiology taping. With my natural ability to lead, inspire, and produce, I took a small company with almost no known exposure and created an international sensation through hard work, determination, a few enthusiastic colleagues, and, most importantly, the support and assistance of awe inspiring therapists, committed to the well-being and overall health of their patients. During my tenure there were two things I learned; innovate based on the feedback generated from the therapists you respect and never forget to thank them for their tireless efforts, hard work and dedication.

This is why we started PerformTex™, a company dedicated to innovation. We've assembled a team consisting of the foremost experts across every therapeutic discipline to innovate, improve, and perfect the way rehabilitation, fitness, and health is perceived and practiced in our daily lives.

Today, I, along with my colleagues and friends, have had the privilege of launching PerformTex™ Tape, our flagship product. Only a few months old, PerformTex™ Tape is a line of elastic therapeutic tape that is receiving nothing but rave reviews. Not only on its increased therapeutic benefits, but on its superior quality and durability as well. Industry leaders are already calling this the next generation of kinesiology tape.

Not only do we intend to act decisively to improve and advance this revolutionary tape and technique, but we will market and price PerformTex ™ Tape with the same aggressiveness to ensure its placement in the lives of each individual with the need for its almost miraculous abilities.

This is just the beginning my friends. As we continue to expand our product line, we're looking for the next international sensation. We're looking to bring you more tools for your rehab and fitness arsenal, and truly change the way people perceive rehabilitative care, total body fitness, conditioning, and health.

I will never forget the many contributors that have made elastic therapeutic taping what it is today and will continue to innovate and expand with the support and feedback of the same community of professionals, always remembering that no one person is bigger than the movement we created or what we look to create from this point forth.

Welcome to the Revolution.

John Jarvis, PerformTex™