Originally founded and established in Joshua Tree, California, our Climbing Salve was developed by a renowned herbalist to allow rock climbers to get back on the rock day after day and immediately gained a loyal following among the rock climbing community. This potent salve quickly established itself as a panacea for healing sore skin, cuts, and scrapes... for anyone who plays hard! As the word spread to cyclists, runners, hikers, skiers and gymnasts, JTree added additional items to keep their customers outside, on the go and doing what they love!

JTree has since relocated to Michigan (America’s high five), where all of our products are hand-crafted with pride, JTree's team of on-the-go climbers, cyclists, runners and skiers continues to research and develop potent herbal products that heal skin after tough workouts and protect it from the effects of harsh natural elements. We are a conscientiously-run business; committed to your health, and the health of our planet. We use only the highest quality organic ingredients, most of which are fair trade, wild-crafted, or locally sourced. Our packaging is kept to a minimum, and utilizes readily recyclable and naturally derived polymers and materials.

Joshua Tree Skin Care (JTree) offers a collection of organic lip balms, healing salves and face sticks designed for those who lead an active outdoor lifestyle. Originally established in a small town outside of Joshua Tree National Park, we have expanded our product line to include a variety of high quality, performance-driven products now marketed to other active lifestyles including cyclists, runners, pets, skiers and surfers.

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